Using Disqus without any plugins

At TurnGeek we recently had the task to include Disqus (which is great by the way) into our site, so readers of our books can leave comments for each chapter.

For a couple of reasons we couldn’t use their WordPress plugin although the site is running on WordPress. If you’re running in the same issue or you just don’t want the dependency of another plugin, you can paste the following snippet in your WordPress posts (by the way, this also works with non WordPress sites):

Using the data-name attribute you have to set the shortname you’re using on Disqus. This means you have to replace my_disqus_shortname with this shortname, in our case it is turngeekpress, so our snippet looks like this:

Have fun using this and let me know your thoughts.

Ning-Theme for WordPress

I’ve written a small Ning-Theme for WordPress, for all the people who want to use a WordPress blog with Ning. After installation the blog automatically uses the same Look&Feel as the site created with Ning.

For installation you firstly must copy the ning folder to /wp-content/themes and activate the theme as usually. Afterwards you must modify the config.php file to fit the needs of your Ning site.

Right now, the theme is only available in German language, but on demand I’m happy to help with the development of a multilingual theme.