Using real POJOs (without JAXB Annotations) as transfer objects with JAX-RS

Are you annoyed that you have to annotate your POJOs with @XmlRootElement, so they can be used with JAX-RS? If your using Jersey as JAX-RS implementation your lucky: Just add to the <servlet> tag in your web.xml the following snippet:

After restarting your servlet, your POJOs are marshalled to JSON as a charme. Enjoy!

Building a JSON web service with Java and Axis2

It is said that in Java usually the easiest things are the hardest. The following is a nice example as it took me some time to figure out how to do it.
I wanted to build a simple URL request based web service in Java that returns an JSON object. Yes, you can do that with a simple Servlet too, the advantage of using Axis2 is that you can also call your deployed services using SOAP without any configuration changes.

  1. Download Axis2 as WAR and install it in your servlet container
  2. Download the DynamicResponseHandler module and add it to Axis by copying it to WEB-INF/modules
  3. Patch Jettison or download my patched version and replace it with the one installed in WEB-INF/lib
  4. Add the DynamicResponseHandler module reference to the axis2.xml configuration (located in WEB-INF/conf):
  5. Add the JSON Message formatters to the axis2.xml:
  6. Add JSON Message builders to the axis2.xml:
  7. Start your servlet container and test the standard version service by calling this url:

Now you are ready to add your own web services. Here you can find an example how to deploy a simple POJO service. Have fun!

Update: Zeno (see comments) sent me patch for usage with Jettison 1.2 – otherwise he received a NullPointerException. I haven’t checked it, but I hope it helps you! Thanks Zeno!

JSON generator for picture data from Flickr

Probably a few other guys did this before, but I had a boring train journey without any internet connection, so I used the bits from my 3D album example and made a JSON generator for Flickr data. What does that mean? Just enter a search term and the program finds matching pictures on Flickr. If pictures have been found, a click on ‘JSON’ displays a JSON-encoded array with the URLs and labels of the pictures found. Just perfect to create some test data of pictures for Actionscript or Javascript.

Start Flash!

Source code (licensed under BSD-license)