Let the user select an item in a modal dialog

After having used the shiny new YUI3 library for a project, it’s about time to share my YUI3 experiences with you.
For the project I built an item selector: A modal dialog is openend and the user has to select an item. After selection the dialog is closed and the selected item is passed to a callback function.

Here you can find the full source for the item selector. An example to use the selector can be as simple as this:

Just click on the following button, to start the example. Enjoy and let me know your comments.

Component for selecting multiple items in Ext

Ext already provides a component to select multiple items. The thing I do not like about it is that it covers too much space on the screen.
Therefore I thought of a component that initially looks like a combo box and then opens a new window to let the user select the items.

As a nice example tells more than thousand words – here it is:

As you can see, it is actually based on the component provided by the Ext examples.

And here’s the source code for the example:

Altough the example binds an in-memory store, you can also use an external store. If so, please remove the mode property – similar to a combo box.

Update: You can find this code and all my other ExtJS components bundled in a library called ‘extensive’. Enjoy the code and feel free to support the project by participating.

Google Maps API for Flex

As I pointed out before, it’s unfortunately not possible to use Flex components as info windows for Google Maps.
Another issue is that the map is not available as a Flex component itself, therefore it’s a bit complicated to use it in Flex.
So I thought to address these issues in a little Google Maps API for Flex that you can download here under BSD license.
With openFlexInfoWindows I also added a method that allows you to use multiple Flex components as info window at once – nicely seperated in tabs.
Find an example below:

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